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On this page you will find information about NordicProof and our projects with the Sunnaas hospital.

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Huibert de Jong - projectleader XR development

​Sunnaas Rehabilitation Hospital offers multidisciplinary rehabilitation to patients with complex functional impairment following illness or injury. The hospital’s full continuum of care focuses on community re-entry, which for many people means returning to home, work or a supported, community living environment. The hospital also holds national responsibilities for rare congenital disorders and locked-in syndrome.

Their areas of expertise includes spinal cord injuries, severe multitrauma, traumatic brain injuries, stroke, cognitive challenges, pain, severe burn injuries, neurological illnesses and are congenital disorders.

Applications overview

We will develop, test and publish the following applications:
1. Wayfinding
This is our main product. Provide navigation and accurate location information in and outside the hospital.
2. Gamification
Provide entertainment and competition for patients and this distracts and stimulates the patients to be active.
3. Personalized Info
Provide the new patient with all necessary info to make their stay in the hospital as comfortable as possible.
4. Virtual Presentation
Provide a virtual presentation of the hospital and this decreases the stress for hospital admissions considerably.
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